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The article "Sunglasses Trend: Logomania" highlights the emerging fashion trend of Logomania sunglasses. These luxurious accessories combine style and elegance, making them the ultimate trend for fashion-conscious individuals. Learn more about this fascinating trend and how it is taking over the fashion world.

McQueen 2022

Alexander McQueen Eyewear Collection 2022 presents unique design and craftsmanship. From sunglasses to prescription glasses, each piece is handmade and exclusive. Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga already adorn themselves with these eye-catching glasses. Discover the collection now!

Balenciaga Summer 22

The Balenciaga Eyewear Collection 22 presents innovative eyewear styles with avant-garde design and high-quality materials. The collection includes both sunglasses and optical eyewear and is available in selected stores and authorized retailers.

Chloé Winter 22

Chloé Eyewear Collection 2022 presents a diverse selection of stylish eyewear designs, ranging from classic elegance to modern trends. The collection includes both sunglasses and vision glasses made of high-quality materials and offers a wide range of styles for different preferences.

Burberry 22

Burberry Eyewear 2022 collection combines classic elegance with modern designs. The variety of eyewear styles and color variations reflects contemporary style. Accessories like eyewear are indispensable fashion elements today.

Brad Pitt & Etnia

The article "Brad Pitt wears Etnia Barcelona" highlights how famous actor Brad Pitt incorporates the Etnia Barcelona eyewear brand into his style. His preference for versatile models has strengthened the influence on men's fashion, while Etnia Barcelona stands out for creative designs and quality workmanship.

Etnia Barcelona Dream

The Etnia Barcelona Dream collection presents versatile eyewear designs inspired by dreams and creativity. The sustainably made glasses offer style for different occasions and are customizable. With warranty and fitting options, they offer quality and choice.

Police Eyewear 2023

The new Police Eyewear 2023 collection promises an exciting selection of eyewear and sunglasses. With innovative technologies, different sizes and styles, comfort and style are equally emphasized. The collection is expected in spring 2023.

Billie Eilish x Gucci

The collaboration between Gucci and Billie Eilish has revolutionized the fashion world. This unique fusion of style, creativity and elegance has produced a collection that pushes the boundaries of music and fashion.

Montblanc Collection 23

The new Mont Blanc Eyewear collection embodies refined elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. Each frame has a sophisticated aesthetic, subtly enhancing your style with a touch of understated opulence.

Balenciaga Collection 2023

Balenciaga's extravagant new eyewear collection, created by Demna, is characterised by innovation and extraordinary designs.

Saint Laurent Collection 23

Discover the exclusive Saint Eyewear 2023 collection, combining elegance and innovation. Lightweight frames, high-performance lenses and unique designs create an unparalleled visual experience. Explore the art of seeing.

Gucci Eyewear Collection 23

Discover the Gucci Eyewear 23 collection in secret. A silent fusion of elegance and innovation, this confidential range embodies the brand's iconic style while preserving a subtle modernity.