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Track your Visionet eyewear order effortlessly. Our detailed order statuses guide you from payment initiation to custom glasses and lenses delivery. Whether it's pending payment, optician action, or frame restocking, each stage is clearly outlined. Enjoy a transparent experience, from order confirmation to dispatch and delivery, with prompt customer service addressing any concerns

Pupillary Distance Measurement Guide

To measure your pupillary distance, simply follow these easy steps: take a ruler, look straight ahead and measure the distance between your pupils. This is the key to perfectly fitting glasses.

Your prescription

Learn in secret how to decipher your prescription. Follow discreet instructions to understand medical prescriptions, ensuring confidential management of your vision care.

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The highest quality and reliability are a priority for Visionet. Benefit from our service and 100% Peace of Mind guarantees.

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Experience the secret of trying on glasses at home. Explore discreet frames, find the perfect style with convenience and privacy. Assess visual quality in your own personal environment, in complete confidentiality.