Behind an eminent discretion, Luxottica distinguishes itself as a discreet giant of the eyewear industry. By fusing design and innovation, the company shapes iconic brands for a sophisticated and elegant vision.

Kering Eyewear

Discover Kering Eyewear, an influential player in the world of optics. A subsidiary that embodies luxury and creativity, offering a unique vision through prestigious brands.


Under a discreet aura, Marchon reveals itself as a leader in the optical industry. Its creativity and know-how merge to create elegant frames that reflect a distinctive style.


Safilo positions itself as a pillar of the eyewear industry. Its heritage combines tradition and modernity, creating timelessly elegant frames for a distinctive visual experience.


In secret, Thélios emerges as a confidential craftsman in the world of eyewear. He combines tradition and innovation to design high quality frames that reflect an exclusive style and a unique vision.

Marcolin Eyewear

Marcolin is becoming a major player in the eyewear industry. Its dedication to craftsmanship and innovation is evident in refined frames that embody exceptional aesthetics.


Secretly explore the world of Derigo Eyewear. A discreet brand where passion for aesthetics and quality come together in unique frames. Discover refined designs for timeless elegance.