Choosing the right glasses

Memory Flex Glasses

Shape memory glasses combine comfort and style and fit perfectly to any face. Their discreet technology guarantees an unparalleled visual experience for those who value elegance.

Wooden glasses

Wooden glasses combine durability and aesthetics, offering a unique natural charm. They are handcrafted to enhance their originality, appealing to fans of refined, eco-friendly accessories.

Frame colour

To find the perfect colour for your glasses, analyse your skin tone and hair colour. Try out different shades to match your personal style, and ask an expert optician like Visionet for advice.

Ski glasses

Ski glasses provide effective protection against UV rays and bad weather. Their ergonomic design ensures a good fit and clear vision, essential for a safe experience on the slopes.

Glasses for the beach

Beach sunglasses combine style and UV protection for a carefree day in the sun. Comfortable and fashionable, they're an essential accessory for summer holidays.

Round glasses

Round glasses are a timeless choice, combining retro elegance with modernity. Their classic shape suits many faces, adding a sophisticated touch to your look.

Oval glasses

Oval glasses are a subtle blend of finesse and originality, enhancing the elegance of your face. Their sleek design offers a chic alternative to traditional frame shapes.

Square glasses

Square glasses exude a bold, contemporary look, complementing your style with confidence. Their angular design enhances facial features and goes perfectly with a variety of outfits.

Rectangular glasses

Rectangular glasses combine sophistication and modernity for an elegant look. Their balanced silhouette emphasises the lines of the face and suits a wide range of clothing styles.

Lunettes Windsor

Les lunettes Windsor, un véritable bijou caché, offrent une élégance incomparable et une amélioration visuelle. Leur charme discret les rend parfaites pour ceux qui cherchent un accessoire intemporel et discret.

Metal glasses

Metal glasses offer a touch of finesse and lightness. Their contemporary design makes them versatile, going perfectly with a variety of outfits for a modern, sophisticated look.

Aviator Glasses

Aviator sunglasses evoke a timeless, adventurous style. Their bold frames and tinted lenses offer optimum protection and timeless retro charm for all fashion lovers.

Butterfly glasses

Butterfly sunglasses are a timeless trend that evoke retro elegance. Their bold, feminine lines enhance charm, adding a touch of glamour to any style, while accentuating personality.

Glasses to suit your eyes

When choosing glasses for your eyes, you need to consider the correction you need and the shape of your face. Consult an optician for personalised advice and flattering frames.


To avoid allergies, opt for hypoallergenic acetate or titanium frames. Avoid materials containing nickel. Consult an optician for suitable recommendations.

Face shape

For frames that match the shape of your face, opt for opposite lines (round for a square face and vice versa). An optician can guide you towards a harmonious choice.

Titanflex frame

The Titanflex frame is light, flexible and resistant. It moulds comfortably to the shape of the face. Its alloy of titanium and flexible material offers exceptional durability.

Sunglasses with sun clip

Les lunettes avec clip solaire offrent une solution pratique pour protéger les yeux du soleil. Le clip amovible s'adapte facilement sur les montures optiques, assurant une vision claire et confortable.

Sizing guide

Our precise size guide makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your glasses. Measure precisely and find the perfect fit for optimum comfort and impeccable style every time.

Acetate glasses

Acetate glasses are lightweight, durable and come in a variety of colours and designs. They bring a trendy, elegant style to any occasion.

Plastic glasses

Plastic glasses are affordable and lightweight. They come in a variety of modern, colourful designs, ideal for both casual and trendy styles.